Wings of the Violet Flame

When angels and men walked side by side there was a kingdom known as Elethiya. The queen was beautiful, kind and wise, so much so that the angel assigned to protect her, fell deeply in love with her, and she in return, loved him.

But alas, their love broke all the rules and started a great war between the gods. Eventually the lovers fled the light realm for peace in a kingdom far away. For a thousand years they knew only love and peace, but the darkness found them and threatened to destroy the entire kingdom.

The angel made a deal with the Goddess Venus, his life now, for the chance to save eternity.

Venus granted him that request and with a wound from Cupid’s bow, his life was ended.

The queen was destroyed by the loss of her great love and the betrayal she felt from those involved. She turned her back on all the gods and lived out the rest of her life alone and angry until the darkness came for her too. What she never realized was that all those years, he stood in the shadow, in the inbetween, and guarded her, loving her continually.

The deal was struck and Venus held her end of the bargain, both lovers were incarnated again in another lifetime together. If they can breakdown the thick walls of the veil that keep lifetime from lifetime and the spiritual from the human realm, they will have the chance to end the darkness and be united eternally.

In this life, though, the queen is no longer a queen, nor the angel an angel, and in the human realm, they have no memory of one another or of their history.

But he calls to her from the ethereal planes… and she hears him.

All her life, not really knowing, she waits for him, but he is never there.

She thought herself crazy, the people around her told her to stop dreaming… and finally, she banishes the connection she feels with him.

Ah but the spiritual realm has waited too long for this and within the laws of which they are bound, they’ve brought the two finally together… but will he recognize her and she him, or will human life have been too complicated, too harsh? Have they become afraid to trust or will they see the truth in one another’s eyes and find the courage to reach for their happily ever after?

Book 1 Wings of Hope – Coming Soon