The Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookie!

Yes, I live at Disney Springs.

Yes, I’ve eaten almost every place out there.

No, I had never eaten at the Polite Pig before yesterday!

I’ll write you another post on that soon, but today, I wanted to share with you the truth as I see it about the Gideon’s Bakehouse cookie, the ultra popular, hard to get cookie that everyone is talking about.

First, you have to know that I have been a fan of Gideon’s Bakehouse for YEARS. Their location in Orlando is a fascinating experience I think everyone should have at least once. They bake everything fresh every day, and they sell out EVERY DAY. They’re cakes are… works of culinary art. It’s an Orlando treasure, truly.

So when I heard their famous chocolate chip cookie was going to be in a location I could get to easily every day, I was pretty excited. Here’s the caveat though. From what I understand, they deliver these cookies at 4pm, yesterday, we bought the very last one at 4:38. And it wasn’t all that busy, so I’m not entirely sure that 4pm is true. But I do know they go quickly and if you want one, 4ish is a good time to try.

The other hard part is that these cookies are 9 something with tax and that’s a lot of money for a cookie.

It’s a GREAT cookie, don’t get me wrong. It’s got more chocolate chips that I’ve ever seen on anything and it’s a thick cookie, super most, and kinda crumbly and I definitely think worth a try, especially if you’re here on vacation wanting stories to take back and memories to make.

For me, I’m probably not going to spend another $9 on one, but keep in mind, I prefer salty to sweet and I’m not a huge fan of chocolate. So my money is simply better off spent elsewhere. I do however recommend these cookies, and more, I recommend going to the source in Orlando and experience Gideon’s first hand for yourself.

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