The End Of Running

God let me wrestle him.
He let me think I had a say.
I arrogantly thought I’d win, that God would grow tired and say, Well, if you feel so strongly about it…
But the truth was, somewhere in another time and place, I made a promise, to a soul, that I would love him, heal him.
And together we made a promise to God that he could use us to bring healing and love to a land deep in need.
The time for arrogance, ego, and fear has ended.
Welcome to the realm of love, strength, and understanding.
Today I will do what has always been mine to do.
Today I will honor my promises.
Today my wounds from the fight will begin to heal.
I’m not running one more day from a destiny I could never outrun to begin with.
Today will be a most beautiful day.

Author, Mystic, Disney Enthusiast, Dream Follower Extraordinaire.

Samantha aspires to bring joy and light to the world, one book, magazine, blog or live stream at a time. She’s a woman of deep faith, a twin flame, and has just completed one full year of Disney fun by going to Walt Disney World every single day from Sep23, 2016 to Sep 22, 2017 and now she writes about how taking leaps of faith and following crazy dreams can change your life.