The Call of the Staycation!

When you live directly behind Magic Kingdom at the number one tourist destination of the world, you get a little spoiled, you get a little jaded.

You get it in your head that your near daily stops in a park, or at Disney Springs, is enough leisure time. Add to that, I’m a self employed workaholic and you get a woman who doesn’t do real downtime.

However, recently I discovered the joys of the Staycation! One of our amazing Ohana gifted us a three night stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, one of my very favorite resorts. We had the most wonderful, fun, recharging time ever . We played in the pool, drank wine on the balcony watching giraffes, I got a little adventurous at the Victoria Falls Lounge and tried elk and rabbit, and honestly, we laughed, played and just had fun.

My sister comes down from Pennsylvania a few times a year for long weekends and it’s always a crazy bust time of running from park to park doing one thing after the other, while still trying to fit in work and other life responsibilities. These are after all, her vacations, not mine… but why?

I’m self employed. I can take off time whenever I want.

I think this is the biggest thing I need to shift in 2019, I need to realize I am not at the beck and call of every living person on the planet. It’s okay to set “office hours”. Boundaries in work… what a concept! It doesn’t make me a bad or rude person if I don’t answer a message right away, or even until the next day… or two or three if I’m on vacation and the nature of the message isn’t urgent.

I think so many of us who are self employed fall into the trap of your work never ending and I want out of it. I remember one time when my sister came and she forced me to go bowling with her. I really didn’t want to go bowling. But I did it for her. I put down my responsibilities and I dove in… a little too much actually because man was my arm sore the next day, but I digress…

Thing is, I enjoyed the time spent with my sister bowling that night. And I have to remember that, part of the reason I’m self employed, is to create the life I truly want and not be a slave to the whims of others. Right now, I’m a slave to myself though and that’s not much better.

I want to enjoy my life each day and not be as harried and crazy busy as I was in 2018. And I think implementing staycations here and there, could be a really good thing for my heart and soul. And body quite frankly! I’m tired! 

So, my horribly rude, awful sister (she called me rude just as I was writing this, it seemed only fair to return the favor! roflmao) is coming down again at the very end of April, just for a weekend. She’s staying at Port Orleans French Quarter and that is one of my dream hotels anyway soooo…..

I think it could really happen! 

I think it should really happen!

Amy and I are going to book a staycation for the same time!

And of course share it with all of you!

More details to come, but I’m excited for sure! Life is what you make it and sometimes you just have to force yourself to take the time you need for what you need.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever done a staycation, or how you best handle your shorter WDW vacations. I want to take this on like the real deal. It’s time for more fun in 2019! Who’s with me?


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