On the Topic of Friendship

I’ve heard as long as I can remember, if you’re lucky enough to have one true friend in this world, then you’re blessed indeed.

I have one such friend and I finally understand what that quote means.

You all know when I went through the 365 it was three of us, my Amy, and Josh. It was just about a year ago when Josh broke my heart and ended our friendship and I was beyond devastated. It took me a long while to get past that hurt, but I have resurfaced into life, into purpose,…

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Samantha aspires to bring joy and light to the world, one book, magazine, blog or live stream at a time. She’s a woman of deep faith, a twin flame, and has just completed one full year of Disney fun by going to Walt Disney World every single day from Sep23, 2016 to Sep 22, 2017 and now she writes about how taking leaps of faith and following crazy dreams can change your life.

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