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Today we’re traveling to 1975 and the Bicentennial celebration of America.

At Disneyland—and at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World—America on Parade ran from June 14, 1975, through September 6, 1976. Doing double-duty as Disneyland’s afternoon and evening parades, America on Parade displaced the Main Street Electrical Parade for two summers.
Anyone who is old enough to remember 1976 will remember that the American Bicentennial was celebrated as a really big event—and not just at Disney parks. So America on Parade was a big parade. The floats were impressive and the recorded, amplified band organ tunes provided a fitting accompaniment to the various units of the parade.

Happy birthday to the United States of America! It’s been 200 years since the nation’s founding in 1776.
Celebrate by watching America on Parade—a spectacular tribute to America’s history, people, and traditions. With 50 parade units, 150 character performers, and lasting over a half hour, America on Parade is a grand experience. The parade starts with the “Spirit of ’76,” featuring Mickey, Goofy, and Donald. Then you won’t see any other traditional Disney characters until the end of the parade. America on Parade features the “People of America”—eight-foot-tall characters with doll-like heads—including Christopher Columbus, Ben Franklin, Miss Liberty, Uncle Sam, Pilgrims, and giant snack-food vendors.

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