Sundays on Parade

Welcome to #SundaysOnParade!

This week we’re traveling back to Disneyland but this time it’s the Disneyland of 1981 featuring the diversity of the world.

*starts to hum a familiar tune* There’s just one moon and one golden sun and a smile means friendship to everyone.
That’s right, our parade this week celebrates It’s A Small World.

This parade differed from the “Parade of Many Lands” held in decades past in that it did not feature any authentic civic organizations, and was a daily character style parade. It featured Disney characters dressed in costumed representing world nations, with basic floats decorated in multinational flags.

Life long Disney lover, aspiring Interior Designer and future Disney Imagineer.

KaitLynne aspires to design hotels, theme parks and cruise ships for Disney. She recently moved from New Hampshire to be closer to Disney and to get away from the New England weather. KaitLynne also enjoys animals, music, books and Disney history.