Spark A Dream

Spark A Dream is the new book from author and dream follower Samantha Lucas. Created in an easy to read format, Samantha shares the high points and hardships of the journey that led her to Disney World and the 365 Disney Adventure. She chronicles bravely with raw vulnerability what made her the woman she is today and shares with you why she thinks dreams are the treasure maps of our soul. 

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You’ll treasure this book of inspiration and hope as she encourages you to follow your heart and never give up no matter what life may throw at you.

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From the Introduction:

If you’ve chosen this book, I know you are a dreamer.

You are a sweet, sensitive, kind soul in a very harsh world with something deep inside your soul calling to you to birth it into the world.

I know you’ve been kicked, bruised, and beaten. I know you’ve failed, probably a lot… but I know you are a warrior, and that dream wasn’t given to you by mistake. It is yours to bring to this world. You were chosen to take this journey, a journey that will change you.

It will strengthen you, embolden you, teach you, hurt you, break you in all the right places, and in the end, it will crown you with the recognition and praise you yearn for.

This journey isn’t for the faint of heart. Picture your dream like a baby crowned prince needing you to take it home to the palace so he can fulfill his destiny, but all along the way there are bandits waiting to capture or kill the baby, seeking their own rewards from it, or worse, simply trying to cease the existence of the heir.

Birthing a dream won’t be any easier. All along the way there are dream stealers trying to stop you, even if they don’t realize that’s what they’re doing. Many people will try to stop you simply from their own fear and experiences. Some will try to stop you because they find enjoyment in being cruel. It doesn’t matter. I guarantee you, you will meet these people, and in truth, I’m sure you already have. Sadly, there are more up ahead.

But you have the gift.

You can make this journey. And just as you find the dream stealers, you will find protectors, teachers, and companions who’ll help carry your load for a time.

I have all the faith in the world in you, and it’s for you that I created this book.

It is my greatest hope and desire that these words will reach you exactly as you need to hear them, and that you take them in with the love in which they are written. That they will embolden you and help you know that everything you are seeking is on the path of that dream, and you will make it, if you refuse to give up.

This journey is not an easy one. You see, dreams ask us to prove ourselves worthy of them, and they are a tough audience. But you can do it. I know you can prove to the dream – and more importantly, to yourself – that you are worthy of this dream. Trust me when I tell you, if you desire something, dream of something, it’s not silly. It’s because it’s meant for you. It’s because it is calling you!

I’m so excited for you because, though the path may be daunting, it is also rich with blessings most will never see. But you, you will see them. I believe in you. I believe you’ll see them, recognize them and treasure them. It is in those small moments of a journey that we find the real treasure of life. This is what keeps us going through the hard times.

So now let’s start our adventure together, let’s travel the road as companions for a time, and let’s make the magic happen.


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