Rockin The Springs – A Primer (locations)

Come on in and let me share with you some of our prime locations for our story. These are the places you’re going to see time and again. Rockin The Springs is the biggest undertaking in my entire writing career and I am super excited to start sharing it with you this year! There will be a lot to take in with this story, and as it will be serialized, people will be coming in at different points to the story. To keep y’all up to date we’ll be doing weekly recaps in our Facebook group and I’ll have a few “primer” articles linked on the sites to help you familiarize yourself with the world and our characters. Below is the locations primer, so enjoy!


  • Our central location is of course “The Springs” an outdoor dining and shopping destination with live music, special festivals and events. Based on Disney Springs, this fictionalized location plays heavily into the story as all the characters have core business here. It is a meeting place, a springboard for new directions, and a place of coming home and comfort all rolled into one. Disney Springs, and my life there, of course inspired this story so now it’s my playground for the story to unfold.

  • Juerga is a word that means kitchen party, in essence. As I’m told, if you are in a place like Cuba, and it’s late at night, the restaurant you are in has closed, the kitchen is cleaned, and all of a sudden tables are pushed aside, a group of musicians start jamming, people start dancing… you’re in a juerga! It’s very casual, it’s a party where everyone is a close friend, even if you’ve never met.

In RTS The Edison becomes Juerga a restaurant and bar themed after 50s Havana run by Rudy and Jaquinda (Mama Val) Valentino who met and fell in love during 50s mob run Havana. (think mob king and Havana princess – I’m in love with their backstory) They have brought their love of Cuba to The Springs and have created the premiere destination and hardest to get into hotspot in Orlando.

In the tunnels beneath Juerga, is Havana Hideaway, a more casual bar and music spot that keeps rockin until the wee hours of every morning.

You’ll also find Moon Goddess, a touristy metaphysical shop that offers books, jewelry, trinkets and tarot readings, purely for entertainment purposes only… or so it’s said.



  • Performance venues in RTS

Real ones:
The Main Stage – Marketplace stage
The Water Stage – Waterview Park (near The Boathouse)
The Lilly Pad – In Front Of Paddlefish currently called Riverboat Square
Centennial Park – Exposition Park (food truck area)

Juerga Restaurant
Havana Hideaway (the bar underneath)


Other Key Locations:

  • Sophia and Gabriella’s apartment
  • Nic’s condo
  • Moon Goddess (the metaphysical shop in the tunnels) 
  • Sephora (yep, just straight out Sephora)
  • The Mermaid Lagoon (D-Luxe Location) hang out spot.
  • The Springs on the whole

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