Rockin The Springs #1

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“Sophia Kinsea, it’s four in the afternoon. Get up.”

I hadn’t been entirely asleep when Gabriella –usually World’s Best Roommate– unceremoniously yanked the covers off my head, but I had been trying to fake myself out that I was.

“Go away, Gabriella.”

I yanked the covers back from her and rolled over with a groan. A groan so deep it hurt, but that’s how I was feeling.


She yanked my purple blanket back. This time, seriously aggravating me.

“Gabi, I am in no mood.”

I really wasn’t. It was New Year’s Eve of one of the worst years of my life, and I wanted to just lay there like death until it was over.

Gabriella sighed and sank down on the bed beside me. She was worried. I get it. But I did mention my no mood already.

“Yes, I can plainly see that, but it’s New Year’s Eve and we are not going to let you sit here in the dark, welcoming in this bright and shiny all-new year full of possibilities all alone. Now get up. We’re going to the Springs.”

“Are you insane?” My tone was not all that friendly or kind. But good lord, was she insane? “The Springs on New Year’s Eve is going to be our own little version of Times Square. I’m not going into that crowd!”

“You go into that crowd every Friday night.” She rolled her eyes at me.

“Yeah, to hang with you and Sierra until you guys get off work. I’m not going tonight. In fact, I’m not going anywhere tonight.”

Not now anyway. Not since Anton decided to spend his New Year’s Eve with another woman. Despite all his promises. And this conversation with Gabriella was only reminding me of that one thing I wanted to forget the most.

“Yeah, this is better because we’re not working. We’ll go see some music. Mama Val tells me Valentino-West is back tonight on the main stage. Plus I want to say hi to Toby and he’s playing on the water stage tonight.”

“Great. You have fun. Tell Sierra to have fun. Say hi to Toby for me. Tell him I’ll see him next Sunday. Now give me back my blanket.”

I stared her down with my most serious expression because I really wasn’t fooling around. I was coming to enjoy the Springs more and more, finding peace there in a strange way, even. But that didn’t mean I wanted to be there on the most crowded night of the year.

Not for anyone or any reason.

“I’m not giving you back the blanket. And Ryan is going, too.”

That got my attention.

“Ryan hates crowds more than I do.” My tone spoke of all the suspicion I suddenly felt.

Something was up and I tried to see if her expression told what, but she was just her usual beautiful Gabriella, her long dark hair hanging loose around her, flawless makeup, great jewelry. I couldn’t see her feet, but I’d bet you she had some amazing pair of boots on. Of my three best friends, Gabriella is the fashion-conscious one. She works at Juerga at the Springs – this amazing restaurant with a bar in the tunnels below, which is where she serves up drinks to the tourists and locals, making an astonishing amount of money on tips every night.

Those tips had been my saving grace this year, though I’m loath to admit it.

You see, earlier this year, I lost my job. After twenty years… yeah I started young… not that young, but I digress…

I used to be in publishing. I worked my way up from editor to practically running a small publishing company. But last year it succumbed to the same wild storm of change that so many other houses did, and suddenly I had no income, went through all my savings, and was about to be out on the streets.

That’s when Gabi swept in.

I’ve been living with her ever since.

It was supposed to be temporary, but it works for us and now this just feels like home.

“He does hate the crowds, but he loves you, and, like me and Sierra, he knows you shouldn’t stay home tonight.”

I’d almost forgotten what we’d been talking about.

“Okay, Ryan can’t…”

“Don’t tell Ryan what he can and cannot do.” Ryan stepped into the room with a sweet smile on his face.

“I didn’t mean to…”

“Honey, I’m joking.” He sat on the bed beside Gabi.

I knew that.


As bad as my this year was, Ryan’s last year was worse. He went through some really dark shit that still had him so wounded and confused, and I always feel a bit over-protective since I feel like it was at least partly my fault.

Though he’d deny that vehemently.

Still, now I had two nursemaids staring down at me. Ryan’s messy black hair struck a distinct contrast to Gabriella’s mane that sat perfectly-placed, and his ripped jeans and Henley also played against her shimmery top and perfectly-fitted jeans.

“Is Sierra listening in the alcove as well?”

All I needed was for Sierra to show up waving smudge around to clear my energy.

“Maybe.” Sierra poked her head around the corner, just barely into the doorway.

I laughed a little and sat up more, yanking my blanket back from Gabi and covering myself for decency’s sake, if nothing else.

I have the three most interesting, beautiful friends on the planet.

And I love them.

I usually feel like the boring one, but I’d never tell any of them that because they’d just argue.

But it’s true!

Gabi meets the most amazing people and dates the most gorgeous men who usually call her by her full name… Gabriella, with some exotic accent. She’s a bartender at this hip club that constantly gets written up on all the best sites and people die to get into. She’s right there in the thick of it all the time, and she’s so easy with charm and always knows the right thing to say.

Ryan is this cool, edgy photographer. He just got a contract with the city of Orlando to do this series of photos for a new display in downtown. And even though his spirit is a bit broken at the moment, and his soul may be a bit lost, he’s one of the most caring, kind people I’ve ever met. He has men and women hitting on him all the time, but I’ll admit, that makes him seriously uncomfortable. He’s shy and sweet and he’s ten years younger than me, but has it so much more together.

Although, at thirty, I thought I had it all together.

Then there’s Sierra. She runs her grandma’s shop in the tunnels underneath the Springs. It’s a bookstore… uh… that sells crystals… and… um… potions… and things. Sierra always has beautiful designs on her skin, usually in henna. Her long amber-colored hair is perfectly wavy, and even though people may consider her strange, or at the very least, her lifestyle strange, she’s never daunted by it. Oh, and her sexy European accent seems to drive men crazy.

Me… I’m blonde. That works in my favor at times. I’m perpetually overweight. I have no job, been married disastrously twice and now I’m sort of involved with a man… it’s complicated.

I just feel so inferior much of the time.

I do have my good points, though. I’m kind and take care of those I love. I’m creative, passionate… I don’t know. Maybe figuring all this out should be my new year’s resolution… although don’t tell Sierra. She’s dead set against those. She thinks it’s far better to set intentions, but I really don’t know what I intend to do with my life anymore.

I’m absolutely, completely, and totally lost.

“Come on, Sophia, I’ll do your hair.” Sierra attempted to compel me.

Gabi reached over and took my hand.

“I know you love him. But he’s a jerk. And we aren’t going to let you sit here alone all night and miss him.”

My heart cracked open and I felt tears starting to come, but I can’t cry over him, not in front of them. I know they all hate him at this point, but this relationship has been the most powerful, life-altering relationship I’ve ever known. He has to be my soul mate, although Sierra uses a different term for it. Whatever, I can’t believe we aren’t meant to be together. I can’t give up on him… I just have to keep the three of them from knowing just how much pain I’m really in right now.

“Don’t you have a date, Gabi?”

I asked because Gabi almost always has a date.

“Only with you.” She winked at me.

My heart melted and the tears threatened again.

Looking at the three of them all smiling sadly at me, it was more than I could take.

“Fine. I’ll go.” I didn’t want to, but at least I’d be with the people I loved most in the world.

Three people who all just cheered like their team won the Super Bowl.

I groaned again.

Did I mention I really don’t want to go?

“You won’t regret it, Sophie.” Gabi smiled brightly.

I felt nauseous.

“Besides, it’s a special night.” Sierra’s accent always made you believe anything she said.

Or maybe it was that her eyes always seemed to say, I’m a lot older than I look and I’ve been here before.

Regardless, Sierra has a way of making me believe things I ordinarily wouldn’t.

“I’ll go. I’ll try to have a good attitude. But please don’t ask for enthusiasm. I’m just not capable of it right now.”

Gabi hugged me. Ryan kissed the side of my head. Then Sierra wrapped her arms as best she could around the group of us and we sort of all crumpled in a heap on my bed.

It was the first time I’d felt anything but pain all day.

I love them.

Maybe it won’t be so bad.

Really, who knows, maybe the night will hold magic.


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