Nourished Life

Namaste, beautiful.

From what we eat. to what we wear. how we grow spiritually, to how we care for our body, mind, and soul, living nourished is a beautiful gift to our self and to the one who created us.

Self-Care, it’s a way of life.


A Girl’s Guide To Gwynnie Bee

It was another totally fun Friday night out at Disney Springs. Last night's outfit was again from Gwynnie Bee. I could not love this service more. I absolutely love having the opportunity to dress up ...
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Sephora Sundays!

In the summer of 2017 I walked into a Sephora for the first time. Let me be more clear... Josh shoved me through the doors of a Sephora because my angels/guides had told me to ...
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Lessons In Love

I spent the last two days resting and refueling, not like I usually do either. This was serious downtime! It was a few days ago that one of my main guides came to me and ...
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A Love Affair With Food

My battle with food and fat has been lifelong. As the child of a single parent who rarely worked, food was simply not something we had in the house. I remember wondering at one point ...
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