Live Music at Disney Springs

Welcome to my realm, a place of romance, excitement, energy, drama, beauty, food, clothes, fashion, music and so much more. Disney Springs has become a shopping and dining destination in and of itself and it’s obvious why. When you walk through Disney Springs you’re being met with so many things fighting for sensory dominance and everyone who comes here seems to have a different favorite thing. Maybe it’s a favorite dining experience, maybe it’s the Amphicars or Characters in Flight. Perhaps you love the chocolate from The Ganachery or Ghirardelli’s, maybe it’s World of Disney, or Sephora, or one of the other incredible shops. I’m a huge TrenD fan myself… oh and the dress shop… and Art of Disney…

There are tons of shops and amazing food, and a handful of great fountains even, but for me, it will always come down to the music. There is something positively electric about a live performer. It’s the energy, the lights, the base, the music pounding through your entire body. It’s my rollercoaster and I can’t get enough.

It goes back to my days in bands as a teenager and having always had musicians in my life. There’s something about the loud out-there style of their art that contrasts the quiet solitary art of writing that often appeals to me the most. I mean, let’s face it, no one comes into my office and cheers me on whilst I create compelling prose… but I’m wondering if they should. It might be nice!

But I digress…

Live music is one of my longest held passions and being this close to Disney Springs and having the great pleasure of being able to watch and chat with these amazing performers night after night feeds my creativity, brings my life great joy, and was a ginormous part of the birth of D Springs Living in the first place.

I wanted to share this place that I found myself growing more and more passionate about. This place that I find myself saying, owns my heart. There’s something magical about it in a slightly different way than what we find in the parks and I’m super excited about getting to share and spotlight it for you all.

If you aren’t familiar with the acts out at the Springs, they are as diverse as you can imagine from latin to classical, folk and bluegrass to rap, to spanish guitar, and even didgeridoo.

There are about a half dozen stages throughout Disney Springs from the Marketplace to the West Side and each stage on any given night will be highlighting one or two artists.

Last night I was there and I saw five different performances over the course of the evening. It is a live music lovers dream.

Some of my favorites are, Bryan Malpass whose voice will feed your soul as he sings a mix of country and classic rock. Drey C is always electric on the Marketplace Stage with his pop covers. Haze Over Hollywood’s laid back style of bluesy pop and Mighty Swell’s folk and country, mixed with some Disney standards is always a good night.

There’s Nova Era, classical music with a groove. They too have some Disney music they play as well as their own original compositions. Don Black tears it up on the Sax and Nicholas Marks will leave you in awe with his guitar.

That’s just to name a very few. Most people are amazed when they truly realize how much talent is out there week after week. In our Facebook group, we’re trying to acquaint the world with this fact. Friday Night Live at Disney Springs is where we bring you live music streams, as well as some food and shopping each week. Come join us and spread the word!

Check out the Music Links page here on the site to find these artist in their worlds. I’ve tried to link you to everyone’s social media and websites where I can. And keep checking back because I’m working to get a YouTube page up and running where we can feature great performances and one of a kind moments with these talented people.

D Springs Living is just beginning, music is one of our anchors. I hope you fall in love with them as I have.

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