Lessons In Love

I spent the last two days resting and refueling, not like I usually do either. This was serious downtime!

It was a few days ago that one of my main guides came to me and suggested I take these two days to seriously disconnect from this world and reconnect with myself and the spiritual realm. You all know that this year has been especially stressful given what was happening in my financial life, a rather large work change, plus the 365 Disney adventure, and lastly, I moved for the first time in five years… there’s been a lot going on! And I’ll admit, I was worn thin and disconnected from my spirit life more than I have been in the last few years. So I agreed. I said, fine I’m all yours.

And I meant it. For two days I did everything I was led to by this guide, from buying flowers for my room, to the salt bath and pedicure, to a chakra balancing meditation, to the food I ate. I also spent a great deal of time in prayer and meditation. I had some very powerful dreams that I jotted down in a journal, and learned a deep lesson about slowing down and truly expending love on yourself, which I’ll get to in just a minute.

I did a bit of a nutrient cleanse and made two large pots of chicken soup which is mostly what I ate for the two days, along with an omelet and some beautiful strawberries. I had a glass of wine, drank lots of water, gave myself a pedicure, a deep cleaning facial and conditioning on my hair. I read books, I watched movies, Wonder Woman was wonderful! And I took naps.

This time for me was priceless and helped me shift from the last chapter in my life, to this next one.

I feel like I’ve been gone a month, but it was just two days. Still, I feel better than I have in years. Nothing on my body hurts right now and honestly, it feels rested and pampered. My skin feels soft, my feet feel exquisite, I feel nourished and hydrated, beautiful and at peace.

I may be glowing. 😉

One of the biggest lessons for me came when my guide said, Let me wash your hair tonight. That may seem weird, but it’s about surrender. When you’re clairaudient like I am, it’s easy to hear your guides and follow their lead… well, it’s easy to hear them, following them sometimes does present a challenge, but going into these two days I promised not to argue, but to stay in surrender, so when I was told, Let me wash your hair, I gave over control.

What followed was a much slower, more loving experience than I’ve ever done for myself and after the shampoo was rinsed, I continued in the same energy with bathing. What was going to be a 5 minute wash my hair, jump in and out of the shower, like most are these days, turned into 20 minutes of decadence, of love.

I purposefully send out love to my physical body all the time. I intentionally pray healing over it, but on this night, I felt incredible love for my own body. I kept saying over and over, I love you, entirely directed to this body I live in. I went slower, I paid attention to my skin, my stomach, I didn’t shy away from areas of fat, or places where my skin color is no longer even. I stayed in the moment and cherished this body and I have a strange feeling that those five minutes or so were far more healing than all the prayers I pray.

What I’ve learned these past few years is that everything truly is energy. And we can kid ourselves with words, but God, the universe, the spiritual realm, they don’t speak our language, they speak energy. And you can’t fake energy. Tonight I was in real love and that is a powerful thing.

After the shower, I had dinner waiting for me and I was going to write this post while I ate, and my guide again says to me, Don’t, stay with me, let me feed you.

He had me slow down, focus, actually tasting my food and connecting to the bliss of flavor as well as the nourishment of my body. I’ve never eaten like that before. It was beautiful.

That’s when he said to me, When mankind learns this, they’ll be living like the gods. They will raise the vibration of the entire planet… but the cost to them is time and a level of focus they aren’t willing to sacrifice, not even for heaven.

I was left feeling challenged, feeling like I need to find some way to slow down, to be more intentional, more aware, more connected to my body and this life. Oh but how hard to maintain in this life. Slowing down means making people disgruntled, means not getting as much done… means not able to chase that money.

I’ve learned over the past decade that the spiritual way of living is completely backwards to our natural way here. I love my life and it is magical, but the cost is keeping that balance within the ways of God and that means being counter-cultural, it means being weird, it means saying no to things most people wouldn’t even think may be an issue. Each day I walk this path though, I discover more and more amazing reasons to do the work and stay the course. This idea of slowing down and paying more attention isn’t any different.

I’ve recently started my next adventure, there are 243 days left, and now I see that what I thought, that it was going to be food plans and write this and do that, isn’t what this is. What I’m being asked to do for the next 35 weeks is slow down, pay attention, make the connection to God and to myself my priority. I’m being asked to be in love… with me.

It feels like too much. I don’t know how to balance this with the demands of this world, but I know how I feel right now and I don’t want it to end.

And more, I want to teach it to everyone. So I’ll find the way. Slowly, one step at a time like always. This one is a serious game changer, but it’s going to require extreme levels of discipline and saying no.

I think this is the first time in my life I could even consider this, but even still, it’s going to stretch me, teach me, but I surrender to the path, I surrender to the lesson. And I’m so grateful that the spiritual care enough about me to teach me and ask this of me.

So all that to say, I’m feeling very good right now, I’m going to find ways to bring this teaching to you all, and I hope you have an amazing weekend.

Don’t forget my new book is out now about how I went from the darkest times in my life to living my dreams. It’s not too heady, it’s laid out in a pretty simple manner in the hopes of encouraging you to live your dreams too. So check that out on the Spark A Dream page and I’ll see y’all soon.


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