Habits… They’re Killing Me!

If you follow astrology at all, you probably know that in December Saturn moved into the sign of Capricorn starting a whole new 5 year phase of life.

If you’ve followed astrology for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with the past two phases of Saturn, through Scorpio where it wrecked havoc on most of our lives forcing us to be the phoenix rising from the ashes, then in Sagittarius where it challenged our beliefs and our courage and asked us to take leaps of faith and grand adventures. Now we’re in Capricorn where it’s asking of us to backup everything we’ve become and everything we want, with our day to day habits.

This is not going well for me so far.

I’ll be honest, the past two transits of Saturn have created an entirely different person out of me and I LOVE the life I’m looking at now, but this is time for stabilization so I can grow into the BIG dream, and I’m not doing it.

I’ve spent a lot of nights feeling like I’m crumbling at the finish line of what I’ve worked my ass off for and this does not set well with me.

I’m about to start my third attempt at these new habits I’m trying to instill, but the recent failures are playing heavy on my mind. Usually I’m a bull in a china shop when it comes to something I want, I just go and don’t stop until I get it, or something better. This slow down and build good habits… oh my god!

Shoot me.

However, I’ve learned enough about God and the universe these past 8 years or so to get how it works. This phase is not an elective. We are all being asked to put into practice what needs to happen to finish the journey to what you asked for.

For me, I asked for success as an author, a great love story, financial stability, loving relationships with my kids and friends, a long healthy life, and a platform to share the truths about God, the universe, and everything, as I’ve come to know them.

I’m looking at all of that right now, but between me and all of it, is a little weight issue and some time management issues. I need to be writing more. I need to be working out more. And I need to be doing these things consistently, without letting the rest of my precariously perched life fall apart.

I’m not even sure why exactly this is so hard for me, but I’ll tell you, this challenge feels like the be all end all of challenges. And for the first time, I’m doubting my ability to be successful.

I’ve worked so hard for this moment in my life and I am absolutely seeing the promises of God starting to unfold. All I need to do now, is master these freaking habits. I wish I knew how already, but I’ll figure it out.

So how is Saturn in Capricorn treating you? Are you feeling the same push to master the mundane? If so I’d love to hear what’s working for you, or share what’s not, and we’ll commiserate.

As usual, I have tons going on, lots of great stuff coming for you all including some new themes about fashion and paleo which I hope will be super fun. As always, I thank you for being here for the ride!


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