Astrology Vibe for January 25th 2019

The new world is here!

Mars Jupiter trine is exact today, the moon is in Libra now, trining the sun, lots of air energy today giving us all that sense of taking a deep breath. So there’s a lot of new understanding, but the adjustments to our new world have to begin today. With the moon squaring Saturn we’ll realize that in in order to achieve where we want to go, we need to balance our lives out. We have to find peace. Mars trining Jupiter is pumping the accelerator, but the moon opposing Mars later today, which gives us a t-square with the sun, is going to remind us that we can’t go a million miles an hour all the time, we have to learn to take breaks, to chill, to breathe.

There’s definitely a lot of excitement in the air about this new future, but there’s still some relationship aspects going on. We’re going on a quest, but have we absolutely decided who’s coming with us? Relationships may need some reflection today. Are your relationships supporting you the way you want them to? You need to be honest here. You need to have the courage to end what isn’t working, or at the very least, the courage to set some serious boundaries so these relationships aren’t holding you back from your true heart.

Today is seriously a big day with new understandings, but you have to find some time to sit and really process and decide what you’re really asking for in your life. Where are you going? Mars trine Jupiter in their home signs won’t be back around for 12 years, so please, use this energy to set your future up right. What do you want? Who do you want to be? Use the energy today to seed the universe for the life you truly want.

Everything in the universe is converging right now, it’s magical. We’re so blessed to be here so please, please don’t miss this. Tell God what you’ve figured out, who you are, and where you’re going. Tell him who’s going with you. Write it all down if you can, and then use that as your road map to start this quest into this whole new world.

I myself am planning a trip into some smaller magic today, Magic Kingdom. I also need some quiet contemplation time so I can use this energy for my greatest challenges ever, creating an entirely new way to tell a story. And I’m down to just three weeks to the debut. Today I really need to get my ideas straight.

Hope you all have a magical day wherever you spend it and I’ll see you all on Monday. Blessed weekend. 



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