Astrology Vibe for January 23rd 2019

Today we have Mercury at the very last degree of Capricorn which means we have a ton of things to figure out and get done! Mercury is our mind. It holds all the ideas and rules and wants to figure everything out. The last degree of any sign is THE most intense moment. In Capricorn it’s going over structures, traditions, how is this going to happen? How is this possible? And it pushes because it really wants to figure it out.

We have to watch out today because honestly, we could get overly intense. We have the moon in Virgo, also trying to get things done, and the sun is now in Aquarius! All these things just pointing out everything we need to get done, but it’s very positive, if intense energy.

Honestly, given what I know is coming over the next few weeks with the astrology, don’t miss the energy this week and into the weekend to make changes, moves, get things done! This week we have several great alignments that will feel like an open window… possibly in an otherwise burning building, so take the out. Maybe it’s not that dramatic for you, but you need a new path or direction, or maybe you chose a new direction with the eclipse, this week you’ll probably see a path open for you that wasn’t there before! I know I did last night and it changed everything for me. So take these moments when they come, because the astrology is going to get kinda tense in February and there won’t be the same openings.

Jupiter and Venus are still close and Mars is starting to trine Venus, so there’s still a lot of positivity out there, a lot of beauty, try to be open to it. We are in a place of great change for all of us, and for this planet. But we all need to get through our blocks, all the places we’ve been told we can’t go, or have somehow come to believe we can’t have. We’re all on a grand quest here, I hope and pray you each make the very most of it. We are living in a sacred time. We are seeing alignments in the sky of God’s plans and timings that haven’t happened for centuries, some not since the 1200s. There is something incredibly special happening here and we’re all here to witness it and be a part of it, but I don’t think God is going to have the patience he’s usually known for if we keep refusing to follow our hearts.

It all seems to come down to that one key element. Whatever dreams you were born with, that is your truest map of where to go in this world. I truly believe so long as you’re following that, you will find your way and the world will spring to life around you to support and comfort you.

Happy Wednesday everyone, see you tomorrow.

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