Astrology Vibe for January 22nd 2019

We have some interesting energy today as the moon is finishing in Leo and still carrying full moon energy. As it trines Uranus, our planet of revolution and transformation, this energy is about being excited about the future, about letting yourself connect to what your heart really wants, as opposed to forcing yourself to stay in situations and experiences that don’t make you feel good.

Yes, we all have responsibilities and things we need to take care off that aren’t always pleasant, but there is a huge difference between taking care of something you don’t want to do, and living in a way that’s not aligned with your heart and today is where you break old molds, especially with Venus still conjunct with Jupiter.

That alignment was at its peak yesterday, but there’s still powerful energy in it. There are two alignments that I always say represents finding a Genie lamp and getting a wish, Sun conjunct Jupiter, which happened in a month or so ago, and Jupiter conjunct Venus. So use this energy, but be careful what you wish for and be as clear as you possibly can be in your own mind about what you want! Remembering that Venus’ specialty is relationships, projects, creativity, lifestyle.

Mercury is going to square Uranus today and sextile with Chiron. This is a message that says stop looking down old roads. Let go of old patterns, environments, relationships. Let God surprise you with what he has for you, but you have to let go of things that are sick or dead. We all do it. We all hold on too long to something we know isn’t working. Today’s a great day to make a stand on that.

Once the moon leaves Leo tonight and moves into Virgo it will be great energy for getting things done. Remember, Virgo is queen of checklists, purity, making sure things are in order. It’s also going to officially end the eclipse. Of course we’ll still feel that eclipse energy for a bit, but this was a huge ending as we won’t see another eclipse in Leo for years and years. So we definitely ended chapters on Monday and today’s energy is simply trying to get us to realize it. Trying to push us to look forward and get excited rather than keep holding onto thing that you simply can’t get to work, but want to keep hoping that you will get it to work eventually.

I wish you all an incredibly blessed Tuesday. If you’re in the Ohana, I’m hoping to get y’all a live stream later today so I look forward to seeing you all then! 



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