A Life In Magic: Epcot on a beautiful winter’s night

There are some things I truly do love about being a local with an annual pass. I think the biggest thing is not having to scour the blogs and vlogs to find all the details I’m missing when I can’t be here. In a strange twist of irony, I’ve become one of the blogs that try to keep up with the details and sharing the magic.

One of the things I’ve learned over my years of living here is that when my life is in flow, so is my Disney time. It’s such a wonderful experience to move about the place in joy and just take in what you run across. It’s a really good tell about where my spiritual life is because if I can’t wait to get home the second I get there… although, to be fair, sometimes that’s just the crowds, but it’s usually a good sign I’ve got some stresses running high somewhere that needs tending.

Because of how I’ve structured my life the past few years, living in flow for me, is living in the magic, so I was in Epcot the other night with Amy, running some errands and streaming for the Ohana, and it was definitely one of the good nights.

We came in the back way, having walked over from Beach Club, and it happened to be the day they added the one gondola to the system. I’m not fan of the gondolas, I bet they’re going to be super cute and they will entirely change the landscape forever, but I never liked the skyway either and this is a lot longer ride! Plus the no a.c. thing makes me hyperventilate at just the thought. So I’m a wuss, and I own it. It’s also a little sad just how many trees we lost to put this thing in, and Paris’ “Eiffel Tower” totally loses scale with these huge poles behind it.

However, all that being said, it is a good way to move a lot of people, it brings a whole new functionality to Epcot and Studios and their resorts, and with the expansions both going on and planned, that’s a necessity!

I will tell you though, I did like the birds painted on the front of the station. I found it unexpected and beautiful.

I haven’t had much chance to take in the Festival of the Arts yet, life has just been stupid busy, but I did notice they had new photo experiences with those “step into the painting” displays, I saw a scene from Peter Pan I was streaming when I saw it so I have no photo, and I didn’t get a close examination, but I liked what I saw and I’m excited to go do a more thorough look around at a later date.

We did some shopping in London, I’m toying with the idea of drinking tea again. We caught the new photo pass op with the Tinker Bell in the lantern prop, and even caught a set of British Revolution.

It was a really fun night.

As I was leaving, I took a few photos of Spaceship Earth and after playing with some filters, I came up with this shot that I thought looked pretty cool so I will leave you with this and pray you a very blessed and magical Thursday.

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